बिहार के सरकारी स्कूल से पढ़े वत्सल्या को मिला 1.02 करोड़ का ऑफर

बिहार के खागरिया जिले के इस इंजिनियरिंग स्टूडेंट को  मिला 1.02 करोड़ का पैकेज |

जी हा बिहार के वत्सल्या सिंग चौहान के छात्र हैं | इसी दिसंबर 2015 मे कॉलेज मे प्लेसमेंट के लिए आई थी जिसने वत्सल्या को एक  करोड़ से ज्यादा का ऑफर दिया |

2011 मे 75% नंबर आया था 12 मे:
बारहवीं के बाद वत्सल्या IIT के exam के तैयारी के लिए कोटा गये और “एलेन करियर इन्स्टिट्यूट ” से कोचिंग लिया |

वत्सल्या के पिताजी कहते हैं कि उनके पास IIT मे अड्मिशन के लिए पैसे नही थे | उन्होने बैंक से 3.5 लाख का लोन वत्सल्या के IIT मे दाखिला के लिए लिया | आज उनके आँखों मे ये बात कहते हुए खुशी से आँख भर जाते है |

वत्सल्या सिंग चौहान ने कहा की इस साल जून मे अपना कोर्स पूरा कर के कंपनी जाय्न करेंगे |


Hailing from a humble family in Bihar, a 21-year-old final year B Tech student of IIT-Kharagpur has bagged a whopping Rs 1.02 crore per annum salary job from US software giant Microsoft.

Kota also played its part in the success story of Vatsalya Singh Chauhan, a Hindi medium government school student, as he had enrolled in one of the many coaching centres in the town.

A welder’s son from Sanhouli village in Bihar’s Khagariya region, the IIT-Kharagpur student is the eldest of six siblings in his family. His father fabricates and welds shutters and doors to make a living.

After scoring 75% marks in Class 12 exam, Vatsalya had arrived at Kota in 2011 for his quest to enter the prestigious IITs. The Allen Career Coaching Institute took Vatasalya under its wings.

Vatsalya grabbed an All India Rank of 382 in the IIT-JEE entrance exam and enrolled for Computer Science at IIT-Kharagpur.

During the campus placement in December, Microsoft offered Vatsalya a job offer package worth Rs 1.02 crore per annum. “I will join the company after completing B Tech in June this year,” he said.

His father Chandra Kant told HT over phone that his earnings were insufficient to run a family of eight members. “I took education loan worth Rs 3.50 lakh from a bank for his admission at IIT. We were in tears when Vatsalya told me that he has got a job in Microsoft,” he said.

Vatsalya’s younger brother is preparing for IITs in Delhi while his younger sister is preparing for medical entrance examination from Allen in Kota.

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