10 Reasons Why Chhath Puja is in Heart of Every Bihari

The four day long festival is not just about the holy bath. It a time for sharing joy as a family. Here’s why we look forward to celebrating the popular festival.

1. Chhath puja is dedicated to the worship of the Sun God ‘Surya’. Instead of idol worship, it’s gratifying to worship a natural phenomenon which is the life force of the entire universe.


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According to Hindu traditions, the sun god ‘Surya’ is the supreme deity which represents will-power, fame, the eyes, general vitality, courage and kingship.

2. We absolutely love when our moms take a dip in a river for ‘nahai-khai’


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The nahai-khai is the ritualistic bath performed on the first day of the puja.

3. It takes immense willpower to be vratins


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‘Vratins’ are the women who perform the chhath prayers and observe a difficult fast. They have to make sure that they follow the age old rituals of holy bathing, fasting and standing for hours in water to make offerings to the Sun God.

4. It’s a divine feeling to observe kharna


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The second day of the festival is called kharna, where the devotees observe fast for a whole day.

5. It’s the best feeling to eat Lauki after the holy ‘nahai khai


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It’s a tradition to make ‘aloo bhat’ or ‘lauki bhat’ during Chhath puja.

6. We get to taste the revered thekuas, which tastes so delicious


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Thekua is a dry sweet made of wheat flour, melted sugar and ghee.

7. The food cooked in chulhas tastes the best


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All the food during the festival is strictly made on mud stoves.

8. The floating diyas on the day of ‘arghya’ are a treat for the eyes.


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‘Arghya’ are the prayers offered to the setting sun. Diyas along with sandalwood, vermillion, rice and fruits are offered to the Sun God.

9. We just can’t get enough of the sweet rasiao-kheer


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Another sumptuous delicacy prepared during Chhath is rasiao kheer, which is kheer prepared from rice.

10. Breaking the fast on the last day gives a sense of achievement


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Breaking the 36 hours of fast gives a complete holistic feeling.

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