11 things that comes only from 100 % Bihari

We, Bihari, live a life on which we are proud of. Biharis are belonging to the profession of IAS to Autowala and everyone are proud of their art and culture. We practice our mother tongue even being out of the country. We might not good in doing something, but fab in handling humanity. We love, we respect, we care.!

Bihar and Bihari are making the country proud. We have fun in our life, we have culture in our life, we have uniqueness in our life. I was reading an interview of Nitin Chandra, national award winning director, where he said, to learn more about the culture, he learned the language bhojpuri which was away from his life for almost 20 years. Further,  I saw on facebook post of Ritesh Singh, he wrote,

“Ab kam milte hai aise Bihari, jo apni pahchan chupate hai, hum jaha jaye chaati thok khud ko Bihari batate hai.” 

Satyakam ji, the actor, fight a case in high court to save the language of Bhojpuri from idiotic cheap songs. So we now have people who are leading from front. This is why we are seeing the initiative like AaoBihar and Patna Beats.

Anyways, to bring some fun to post here I am posting the 11 things that makes you complete Bihari:

1. Enjoying life in Bindaas way:  We know the art of living the life in most interesting style and now others are learning how to live fully and enjoy every moment of life from every Bihari. Biharis are happy go lucky person. They always help you to get out of tricky situations.


2. Shyness is Anti-Bihari Element:- The opposite of Bihari nature is being shy in your life. We are the people who say things then and there. Even though we are not truly correct we express ourselves and always open to improve ourselves.


3. We give warmth feel in every relation: –  From friendship to love, everywhere we give the feel of family to the person who are in relation with you. ‘Dosti’ gets converted to Bhai wala relation and Love most of the time gets converted to lifelong relationship.


4. Simplicity is the beauty:- We are honest and we don’t do dramatic things to burn money and buy happiness. We live the life in a way that results in happiness. We save money and burn it.


5. No No, being off for silly reasons is not our game :-  We live our friendship for life time. We have solutions (jugaad) of every problem that can come in-between their friendship. Whatever problems you have they just dump it on us. Biharis always are well connected friend.


6. Politics is our interest and we love it: –  We always keep all update about politics. You know why, because the real definition of politics is this, “Politics is the process of making uniform decisions applying to all members of a group.”


7. Love towards folklore: – Bhikhari Thakur’s writing, songs and drama are the core of social changes appeared at national level. The upcoming generation is now realising the potential of these folklores and thats why we are seeing these songs in commercial cinema of Bollywood.

Bhikhari Thakur Aao Bihar1

8. Language and accent is something which is in our heart: – Biharis have different accent. We say “Hum” instead of mai and people who don’t understand will never understand why. I feel Bihari language is most sweet and simple language. Feel free to speak in public.

Bihari Language

9. Tasty Cuisine of Bihar: – Bihari cuisine is definitely scrumptious, mouth-watering and drool-inducing. Litti Chokha,Daal Puri,Khaja ,Khurma and maal pua all these things which are always enjoyable. Bihar se dur rahana possible hai par inse nahi 🙂


10. Focused on our work makes us successful:- I don’t know why there are presumptions that Biharis are non intelligent people despite the fact we have many IAS from Bihar only. I think it is baseless to judge people according to their native place. Biharis are much focused and hardworking people. They know what they want from their life and how they can achieve it. They can solve the entire math’s problem you cannot. My friend has taught me all about UPSC, that kind of enthusiasm has often motivated me.

Guncha IPS Bihar Muslim

11. Respect for others- When Maharastra incidence happened with Bihari, I heard saying many of the Biharis,” aare Marathi log Bihar aaet tab nu dekhit, ki kaise rakhe ni ja humnike dosra login ke”.  Not based on region we disregard anyone. We might not be the richest state with respect to money and per capita income, but surely we are richest with respect to the beauty of heart we have. Jai Bihar.


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Not from Bihar, heard a lot about the state. Always interested in exploring the art culture and politics of the state. So here I am, writing and doing PR for AaoBihar.com
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