14 Pictures of Bihar that will make you nostalgic

Bihar is probably one of the best state to go to if one wants to explore some Indian History before Independence. These pictures shows, Bihar was one of the developed state in India. Bihar had beautiful past and heritage.If we go back in history, when India was breathing in golden era. Pataliputra was wealthy and glorious capital of India. Here are 14 pictures of the Bihar beginning from before independence, right up to the 1975s.

1.Beautiful view of a busy Principal street of Gaya in 1895

Principal street of Gaya.


2.Gaywal priests gathered in the Vishnupud Temple, Gaya in 1895

The Vishnupud Temple, Gaya, with Gaywal priests.















3.Sonepur Cattle fair(Mela) in 1952.

Elephants in Sonepur Cattle Fair in Bihar - 1952

4.In Patna 1927, A poor man in front of his hut.

1927  Patna Bihar State  INDIA














5.In Patna 1927, A boy posing for a photographs.

1927 Patna Bihar HINDU ALTAR State Bihar INDIA














6.Indian Peasants Wash and Dry Jute for Export in the State of Bihar in 1975

Indian Peasants Wash and Dry Jute for Export in the State of Bihar - 1975









7. A Man with Cattles in Bodh Gaya in 1927

Man with Cattles - Bodh Gaya Bihar 1927



8.The Barabar and Nagarjuni Hills, which are situated very close to each other and contain seven cave-temples in Gaya,Bihar.Photograph of the Lilajan River and Jaru in the Barabar Hills taken by Joseph David Beglar in 1872-73

General view of Lilajan River and Jaru, Barabar Hills


9.This is the beautiful view of the tomb of Sher Shah Suri and its surroundings at Sasaram in the 1870

Distant view of Sher Shah Suri's Tomb, with surroundings, Sasaram.


10.This is a beautiful view of the St David church from across the maidan with the Brahmajuni hills in the distance in 1895.

St David' Church and the Maidan, Gaya. Braginwai Hill in the distance.

11.Dhodand Quarries, locomotive in fore ground in 1872.Now Dhodand Quarries known as Dehri On Sone.

The Dhodand Quarries, Bihar were exploited for Kaimur sandstone, a very durable building material.

Dhodand Quarries, locomotive in fore ground




12.The Visit of His Excellency The Earl of Elgin & Kincardine to the East Indian Railway Workshops at Jamalpur in December 3rd 1897.

The Visit of His Excellency The Earl of Elgin & Kincardine...to the East Indian Railway Workshops at Jamalpur. December 3rd 1897. Arrival at the Workshops.

13.The view of Engines  at Jamalpur Railway Workshops in 1897

Types of Engines - First 1854. - Latest 1897 [Jamalpur Railway Workshops].





14.The cotton carts passing through Main Western Canal knowns(Rever sone) Grand Trunk Road Bridge

The Grand Trunk Road passed through Shahabad from south-east to north-west and was constructed between 1861 and 1862.

Main Western Canal. Grand Trunk Road Bridge with cotton carts.



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