14 Struggles Every Bihari Girl moved to Delhi Faces Everyday

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Let us give you 13 amazing and quite fabulous struggles that we face everyday!

1. Stares-Annoying Pairs of Eyes Tracking Your Every Move 

People are just going to stare you for no reason at all. Do I have something on my face or my shirt that’s weird?

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2. Those Irksome Aunties Who Are More Interested in Your Marital Prospects Than Their Own Kids

I step out of my house and before my mother asks Sharma Aunty is going to ask, “Kitthe Chaliyan, Ajj te Sunday aa.” Wow, I mean just WOW!

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3. Lack of Hangout Addas

Delhi is getting compact day by day. We girls aren’t left with a single place that we could call our hangout adda. Either it is pre-booked by my brother and his girlfriend or some weird wannabe and his wannabe friends.


4. The Unpredictable Weather-Doesn’t Help The Weight of My Makeup Bag Either #BePreparedForAnything

The morning is pleasant, it is not that hot or humid. I’m looking my best; but by evening I resemble Nana Patekar, thanks to the scorching hot weather of Delhi.

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5. The Local Admirers Who Are Totally Vela

You are receiving unknown mails and then someone just sent you a bunch of flowers. We Delhi girls will always have a secret admirer but most of the time that secret admirer is someone from our own neighbourhood. For Eg. Baju wala Bittu.

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6. Hassi to Phassi

It is a mistaken notion that if I’m laughing on all your jokes or if I’m friendly, I’m into you. No, I’m a Delhi girl and I’m friendly, that is it! Nothing More.


7. Men Chilling on Seats Reserved for Women

This must be the most annoying thing for a girl traveling in a bus or Metro after a full day work; guys sitting on women seats. It Says Reserved for Women!

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8. She drinks + She is an Extrovert = She doesn’t Have a Good Moral Character. What?

Apparently Drinking and being an extrovert is counted as a bad thing only if you are a Delhi girl. 

It takes way more than that to figure me out buddy!

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9. The Much Desired Safe Night Outs

Thinking of having safe and fun night-outs with friends have become like “building castles in the air” for a Delhi girl. We aren’t safe in broad day light, nights are absolutely out of the question.

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10. He is Just my Friend.

If I’m on a motor-bike with my friend, he ought to be my boyfriend. Forget about motorbike, If I’m just walking with a guy friend, people are not going to take him as my friend or even my brother, he, from that moment onwards is taken as my boyfriend. 

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11. Bad Hair Days

A Delhi girl will relate. blame it on constantly switching weather or the weird water, we suffer a bad hair day almost every other day.

Sometimes Even L‘Oreal Can’t Help You!


12. The Constant War With the Auto Walas

We Delhi girl are sometimes spotted having a good fight with auto walas on the road. Apka Meter Kharab and what not. I think they keep the meters just as a showpiece!

13. La Vogue 

We are from Delhi and we are supposed be in sync with the latest style. Is she wearing a faded jeans, somebody tell her that it just went out of style the day before, duh!

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14. Helmets 

I just did my hair, I have spent a 1000 bucks on these curls. I AM NOT GOING TO WEAR A HELMET.

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