15 Famous Biharis Who Have Given Fame to Bihar

1. Maharshi Valmiki – Author of the epic Ramayana.


2. Mahavira – The 24th Tithankara of the Jains (599 – 527 BCE)


3. Aryabhata – The great ancient mathematician and astronomer who had enormous contribution in theories of mathematics and the asronomical facts(476–550 CE)


4. Chanakya – The great ancient political advisor and author of ‘Arthashastra’ (350 – 275 BCE)


5. Ashoka – The great Mauryan emperor who embraced Buddhism at the peak of his power. (304 – 232 BCE)


6. Samudra Gupta – (335 – 380) The Gupta ruler who ushered the empire to the height of art, culture and education that is regarded as golden age of India.


7. Vidyapati –the great poet from Mithila who wrote copious love poems on Krishna and Radha ( 1352 – 1448 CE).


8. Guru Govind Singh – The 10th and the last guru of the Sikh faith. (1666 – 1708 CE)

Guru Gobind Singh Ji

9. Rajendra Prasad – The first President of Republic of India and played a prominent role in the independence movement(1884 – 1963).

10. Jayaprakash Narayan – A prominent political leader of India and was famous as ‘Loknayak’ and JP was active in the national movements in pre-independent India (1902 -1979).


11. Bhikhari Thakur – The Shakespeare of Bhojpuri. The legend who has given new meaning to Bhojpuri Language

Bhikhari Thakur Aao Bihar1

12. Bismillah Khan – The legendary musician who was the pioneer to bringing the music instrument Shehnai to the status of classical music (1916 – 2006)


13. Ramdhari Singh Dinkar – A humanist and progressive poet of Hindi literature hailed as a ‘Rastra Kavi’. He also became a nominated member of Rajya Sabha.

14. Ganga Devi – A folk painter who imbibed contemporary subjects in the traditional art of Mithila.

Ganga Devi

15. Subodh Gupta– A well recognised contemporary visual artist working in the medium of sculpture, photography, video and installations.