15 Moments from the Life of the Village in Bihar

At the beginning of 20th century, “The soul of India lives in its villages” declared M. K. Gandhi. But the situation now  is very much different from that period, especially in Bihar. The degradation of life or  migration to cities or to an Arab nation for job is quite a common story in many of the households in villages.

Now the ways they are living their life is well drafted with the use of 15 pictures captured by SARAS NGO from the village of Bihar:

1. The Morning in a Village: Now when middle age people have migrated to the cities or some  Arabic nation, it’s the children who are taking care of the farm lands of their family.


2. Still Stuck in Conventional Methods of farming: When the world is moving ahead in science and technology, we are forced to use the conventional systems in our farm land, as generation by generation, fragmentation of land puts up a major constraint where you can’t use new technologies of farming profitably. This make agriculture a loss-making business and so people are less incentivized to remain in agriculture.

aao bihar 1

3. Bigger family size and Lesser per capita income: Unlike the cities where people have high earning and few members in the family to provide good quality of life to each member,in Villages this understanding has not transmitted through any channel.


4. The Broken House with broken hopes: The one room houses are getting made through Indra-Awas Yojna in which you can’t put a family of 7 members.


5. No to Childhood: The meaning of Childhood should be erased from the text book of villages because what they are doing in that age are the work of grown-ups.

child on work

6. Women heath index is doing no better: Still using the conventional stove on which scientists have said that cooking on this stove for day is equivalent to smoking 7 packs of cigarette annually. So what future we are giving to women

cooking stove of village

7. Childhood handles another childhood: Large family size: men and women at work. So child handles child, forget about schooling.


8. Now have school buildings but of no use: will check through few more pics

middle school

9. Still studying on floors: Why? Because the rooms are occupied by Panchyat or for some govt. work


10. Teachers are cool in any condition: No way we can say that teachers are getting affected through this situation. They are cool as they are getting chairs to sit and salaries to take.


11. Please don’t ask about cleanness, we live our childhood in Gobar


12. So, far this is all we have to work on.MNREGA is also not giving work in Bihar


13. The fuel to cook food, still LPG is rare and Gobar Jindabaad!


14.  The Roads are now in relatively better situation


15. And Yes, we are Indians too.We do enjoy Cricket some time 🙂



Lastly, do enjoy this Bihari song in which children are saying something, give them attention

Photo Credits: Society for advancement of Research in Arts and Sciences

A girl from the capital of Bihar, trying to understand the past underdevelopment of Bihar and exploring the ways to improve the status of the State