15 Reasons Why School Days Were The Best

We all have said this before – ” School days were the best “. Spending 7 hours a day at school, we have learned a lot, made some wonderful memories.

There is no joy bigger than talking about your school days with your school friends. Here are 15 reasons why school days were the best days.


1. Friends For Life


Most of us form our deepest friendships and fondest memories when we’re in school.


2. Lunch Break Play Time


remember the race to finish your lunch soon to get extra play time ?


3. Your First Crush


Your first crush happened at school


4. Being Teacher’s Pet Student Was Awesome


you always wanted to be the favorite student of your favorite teacher


5. Your Teacher Announces School Trip, And You Go Super Crazy


You start dreaming and making plans about trip as soon as announcement is done.


6. Auto Rides To School


No hesitation to kill anyone who dared to take your favorite spot


7. Not Worrying About A Thing.


Money didn’t really exist past your lunch allowance. The maximum of your worry was waiting for P.T Period


8. Your First Day To School By Cycle


That first time when you were independent on your way to school


9. You Imagination And Creativity Had No Limits


Often you used to get lost in your own world.


10. Color Dress On Birthday And Carry Extra Bag With Chocolates


your best friend always got an extra chocolate from you


11. School Day And Cultural’s Day


better than filmfare


12. Punishments For The Pranks You Did Brings Smile On Your Face Now



13. Group Photo Day


you were secretly capturing memories


14. Cricket Was Also Played In Classroom With Text Books


we had our own classroom games, some were pretty awesome.


15. Holidays: Christmas, Festivals, National Holidays And The Jackpot Summer Holidays


What’s the longest break you ever had after school ?


The first thing i will do now is call my school friends



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