17 compulsory things which you must know about Bihar

For last 25 odd days my friends have been keep on asking me where is Bihar Sharif, Nalanda and Rajgir as they have no clue about these places. Presently, I am residing in Bihar Sharif as a Milaap fellow which comes under Nalanda district in the state of Bihar. So I started doing a little research about the place and the state of Bihar to collect the historic and significant information about it. And believe me I was blown away with the findings. Here I am going to list some of the findings which I got after the research from various internet media sources. The state had a rich history.

1.    First republic in the world was in Bihar and the place is famously known as “Vaishali”.


2.    It has given some of the greatest emperors of India like Samudragupta, Ashoka, Vikramaditya and Chandragupta Maurya.

Chandragupta Maurya
Chandragupta Maurya

3.    Three major religions of the world namely Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism has its root in Bihar.

80 Feet high Buddha Statue in Bodh Gaya

4.   One of the world’s greatest religion, Buddhism arose from the region that now makes modern Bihar.

Maha Bodhi tree

5.   Nalanda University is considered one of the first great university in human history. It was also the first residential International University.

Excavated ruins of Nalanda maha vihar

6.   Bihar gave India its first president i.e. Rajendra Prasad


7.   Bihar gave world Aryabhatt, the great ancient mathematician.


8.   Bihar gave Chanakya who was the father of Economics and Political science.


9.   Ashoka, the greatest King India has ever had, had Patliputra (now Patna) as his capital.

Victoria Buckley Jewellery

11.  Ashoka Chakra comes from Bihar which adorns India’s national flag.

Asoka pillar

12.   It is one of the fastest growing Indian states (in terms of GDP) in recent times.


13.   Bihar accounts for 71 percent of India’s annual litchi production


14.   Bihar contributes for 85 percent of national production in Makhana (Foxnut).


15.   ‘Non-Violence’, the most enchanting thought in the history of mankind first emanated from this land of Bihar. The Buddha and Mahavira pronounced this solemn solution of human suffering about 2600 years ago and resonate even today to brace humanity. Bodh Gaya and Pawapuri have become symbolic places to engage to this uplifting mood.

Rajgir- Vulturepeak

16.   Magadha, Vaishali, Mithila, Anga, Janaka were the major kingdoms during Vedic period symbolizing Bihar being the centre of trade and culture in India.

India Vedic Period

17.   Bihar in the ancient period was the epicentre of learning, culture and power. The city Pataliputra from this state was an integral part of Indian civilization.


With such a glorious history, the present state of Bihar and future course needs a lot of introspection to regain its lost glory.

A girl from the capital of Bihar, trying to understand the past underdevelopment of Bihar and exploring the ways to improve the status of the State



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