3 is the daily average number of rape cases in Bihar

Altogether 1,128 rape cases were reported in Bihar in 2013, according to the national crime records bureau (NCRB) data released recently.

The rape cases accounted for 3.35% of the total incidents of crime against women reported in Bihar in 2013. However, the NCRB data reveals offenders in 1,022 rape cases were known to the victims.

In six cases, parents or close family members were accused while in 26 cases, other relatives were allegedly involved.

Patna SSP Manu Maharaaj said, “In 80% of the cases, the accused was somehow known to the victim. The girls should be aware of their male acquaintances while being friendly with them. Even some family members, including the father of the victim, were accused in some cases. Lodging an FIR in such cases becomes more difficult.

“In Bihar, every district has an all-woman police station where the victims can lodge their complaints with less hesitation. If the number of reported rape cases is increasing, it means our efforts have started yielding fruits,” the SSP said.

According to the police officials, many girls do not lodge complaints fearing social stigma. “In cases of murders and other crimes, police can independently lodge an FIR, but in rape cases, police can’t. The same is true with sexual harassment cases,” the SSP said.

Many of the rape cases in Patna are pending due to several reasons. “Apart from the delay in getting medical reports, the family members of the rape survivors also create problems for the investigating officers. Their mental dilemma slows down the investigation,” said a senior police official, wishing not to be quoted.

In some of the cases, the evidences were sent to forensic science laboratory (FSL) but reports were still awaited. In the absence of medical and FSL reports, police are unable to investigate the cases properly.

Source: TOI

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