35 Traditional meals of Bihar

The morning meal is traditionally called Jalpan, panpiyai or jalkhai.  Panpiyai  and lukum is also used to mean the food eaten by the labourer in the intervals of work in the field. The midday meal, which is the main meal of the day, is called  kalewa or  kaleu, , though this is also the term used for  a light morning repast. An euening meal is sanjhauwa, beyalu or ber-hatiya ,which is  light food taken just before sleeping.

1. Flour or aata has traditional names of pisan, kanik, chikkas or chiksa.

2. Chaurath is the term used for rice soaked in water and then dried and pounded.

3. Akhri is the grain  without being first cleaned.

4. Ingur or  inguri is the wheat from which the husk has been removed by pounding.

5. Khuddi, khanraura or merkhun is the broken pulse or rice.

5. Parthan, or  palethan is the dry flour rubbed on the dough as it is being made into chapattis

6. lapsi is cooked with the flour of any grain boiled in milk and eaten with  sugar..When it is  made with salt instead of sugar, it is called ghattha.

7. Bhambhri,makuni and phutehari  are the various kinds of   litti ,which are cakes made of  wheat-flour stuffed with sattu and spices and fried in hot ashes.

8. Sattu or satua, also sitalbukni  is generally gram grounded  into flour.

9. Jaur is the rice boiled in milk with salt. When boiled with sugar it is kheer. Tasmai is rice boiled in milk with sugar. It differs fromkheer in that the latter may or may not have water added. Bakhlr  or Rasiya   is rice cooked in  gud and water.Dan-jaur  is poppy-seeds and rice cooked together. Tis-jauri  or tisiyaur is linseed and rice cooked together.Math-jaur, also  ghor-jaur , is butter-milk boiled in water with a little rice added .Marsatka is rice-gruel with the rice.

10. kachras or panua  is the sugar-cane juice mixed with water.

11. Ghatora is also a traditional name of pua.

12. Jawakhar is a traditional pachak which is  ashes of burnt ears and stalks of bailey and  used as a cure for indigestion.

13. Baphauri is a recepie of pulse-flour cooked by steam.

14. Pheni is a frothy sweet made of wheat-flour and sugar.

15. Kachwaniya  is a round sweet made of rice-flour, sugar, and ghee.

16. Konhrauri is cakes made of ground pulse and pumpkin.Tilauri is small balls of urid or mung mixed with sesamum seed, dried in the sun, and then fried.

17. Khajur  is a sweet in the form of a date while  Thekua is a kind of cake pressed in a mould called  agarauta.

18. Khiraura  are the cakes of rice-flour prepared in hot water.

19. Gatta is a cheap sweet made of molasses.

20. Gulgula, also guIaura, is  pudding of wheat and sugar.

21. Chokha or bharta  is a mess of pounded roasted vegetables.

22. Chontha or Papra  is a crisp cake of pulse flour.

23.  Tikri is a sweet made of flour, fried in ghee or oil, and covered with sugar . It is a round sweet in the form of a cake, and made of flour, butter and sugar. Another name for this is tikiya.

24. Thuri or Thurri  is grain which has not burst while being parched.

25. Tas khani is a round sweet made of rice-flour, sugar, and ghee.

26. Dalsagga is the pulse boiled with saag or vegetables.

27. Pittha  is  balls of  rice, boiled in water,it is usually stuffed with spiced pulses or khoya.

28. Dalpitthi or dalpithouri is the  balls of wheat or barley-flour stuffed with pulse inside and boiled.

29. Bari – pareh is balls of urid, mung, or gram-flour fried in oil  served with curry of besan.

30. Phulauri  is roll of coarse flour cooked by steam in a pot with some water in the bottom and resting above on twigs.

31. Bajka or bachka is slices of gourd or vegetable covered with pulse-flour and then fried in ghee  or oil.

32. Mahuar or dappha is prepared from the flowers of the mahua {Bassia latifolia), soaked over-night, crushed next morning and made into a cake with flour, gram, peas, or linseed.

33. Dhakneshar is a baked cake of rice flour,usually served with sweetened milk.

34. Sakarpallla  is a sweet of rice-flour

35. Danauri is the same as tilauri, poppy seeds being used instead of sesamum. Adauri is the little round balls made of pulse.

Source: BiharGatha

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