5 coolest way to make this summer, the amazingly hot summer in Bihar

When you think of summer of Bihar only things come in mind are
1. Power cut of around 6-8 hours when you hear peep sound of your invertor
2. The Drastic Hot Day with High Temperature where you just can not go out
3. And, Macchar, how can we miss them, they are the integrated part of the summer.

But you know it’s just not known for these negative element. The joyful summer of Bihar has its own flavour. This is the flavour which make the summer amazingly exciting. So if you are avoiding to visit Bihar then just change your mind now because after reading the points you just can’t resist yourself to come to Bihar.

देर किये बिना बिहार आओ
और जन्नत का मज़ा पाओ

1. The Flavour of Maldav Aam is just imbedded in the soil of Bihar. The tempting smell of Mangoes in villages of Bihar is just first reason which makes the visit amazing.

पेड़ के छाँव तले, आम को खाना
कभी भूल नहीं पाओगे, समझ जाना


2. Litchi, aah Litchi, waah Litchi. How can you imagine Litchi in Bazaar of any place than Bihar. You know it is the bestest fruit to eat if it is Mujjafarpur ka Litchi. So note it down, come to Bihar, go to market and ask them to give Mujjafarpur ka litchi and then you will feel the importance of Summer especially the Summer of Bihar. More than anything people says the fruit has special impact on sex life, so this summer even your relation will get hotter and hotter in process of enjoying this authentic Bihari Fruit.


3. Gola is not very here and the commercial icecreams..! Naahhh. In  Bihar the best of all, the king of ice creams is non other than Malayi-Barf. In small dhakni the man how own the thela puts layers of malai and crushed ice. The taste of it is unexplainable. Last time when i ate it, I was totally in Heaven. So incase if you are visiting the place then never miss out to eat this famous Dish


4. Even though we don’t have electricity but what we have Natural Refrigerator in our villages.


5. The dashing nights, full of star will never be visible from anywhere than that of the villages of Bihar. Must come and sleep on roof and keeping nothing in between sky and you.


A girl from the capital of Bihar, trying to understand the past underdevelopment of Bihar and exploring the ways to improve the status of the State