5 peculiar ways of celebrating India ka Tehwar, Pespi IPL in Bihar

The fever of IPL is almost everywhere in world but they ways we Biharis celebrate this India ka Tehwar is in amzingly interesting manner. The dialogues during pre-match, post-match and during-match are something which if you will hear then you will switch to that than Siddhu’s commentary. So guys check these 5 peculiar ways of celebrating India ka Tehwar, Pespi IPL in Bihar.

Way#1: War hoga bhari-bhar, kyuki ye hai India ka Tehwar: No Bihari team in IPL, everyone has their favourites, this creates war in Tehwar, one can have wars in family, friends and Society 😉


Way#2: khelo Roz saata yaar, ye hai India ka Tehwar: On streets of even small cities you will find people watching IPL in Chai ki Dukan, and holding their phones, they ask: “ka bhai, ka rate chal raha Punjab ka/Chennai ka/ Delhi ka”



Way#3:Children are often revise their slang words : If at all fav teams will loose their wickets then things get messy. You will start hearing, “ekra mai ke.. ekra dadi de.. Madh***d.. Aujar kaat saale ka, bat pakade naikhe aawat ekra”


Way#4: Cheerleaders karti hai naach, ye hai India ka Tehwar: In village level shaadis, people are so desperate that they do anything to see lawanda naach, and IPL is just like vardaan for them as they they get the chance of seeing the naach of cheerleaders.They dont have favourites, but all what they want to see are 4s, 6s and wickets 😛


Way#5: Saas-bahu ke serial se mukti yaar, ye hai India ka Tehwar: The way IPL has commercialised, saas bahu’s of family are also keen in watching 4s and 6s of Virat because of Anushka and you will get relief from daily saas bahu and sajish. One ques they usually ask, “Anushkwa ka Boyfriendwa kitna run par khel raha hai?”


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