6 Pictures of the leaders: Near to your Heart But it’s hard to Guess

Check out the images and give an attempt to guess the name of the leaders. A grand hint, all are very much dominant in Indian politics and near to your heart 😀

1. You just cant imagine the politics of Bihar without him, Guess who he is


2. He and his wife had got highest political position in Bihar state


3. He is the famous personality of UP politics


4. The friends then rivals then friends


5. CM, No CM then back to CM


6. This is the great pic that you must guess out


Ritesh Singh
बिहार में जन्म हुआ और फिर भगवान ने बिहारी बनाया। तब से आज तक कुछ कुछ प्रयत्न कर रहे है कामयाब होने की।
गलती से IIT से B.Tech पास करने के बाद, AaoBihar पर लेख लिखना और पढ़ना शौक बन गया है।



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