7 great facts about Bihar

Bihar has one of the oldest well documented history among all places in theworld. here are some of the facts about Bihar.

1. First republic in the world was in Bihar “Vaishali”

2. ‘Non-Violence’, the most enchanting thought in the history of mankind  first emanated from this land of Bihar. The Buddha and Mahavira, the  pioneering propagators of this idea, pronounced this solemn solution of  human suffering about 2600 years ago and resonate even today to brace  humanity.  Bodh Gaya and Pawapuri have become symbolic places to engage  to this uplifting mood.

3. Four out of the five greatest emperors in India belonged to this part,  namely Samudragupta, Ashoka, Vikramaditya and Chandragupta Maurya.

4. Bihar  in the ancient period was the epicenter of learning, culture and power.  The city Pataliputra from this state was an integral part of Indian  civilization. Bihar houses the Nalanda University, which is the world’s oldest university and had students from across the world.

5. 3 major religions of the world namely Buddhism, Jainism and Sikkhism has its root in bihar. guru govind singh was born in patna.

6. Magadha, Vaishali, Mithila/Videha, Anga, Sakyapradesh, vijji, Janaka were the major kingdoms during vedic period symbolizing bihar being the center of trade and culture in India.

7. One of the most fertile plain of the world.




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