7 Reasons to love the summers of Bihar

That is true.! You might not find 24 hrs electricity in a day in Bihar, you also not going find air conditioner in houses. But what Bihar guarantee you is high number of reasons to Love it’s summer and that it will through all natural ways.

Still living in era of science and technology but Bihar has maintained it’s originality where it is more towards living with nature, not against it.

So, here the team of AaoBihar presents the reasons to  Love the Summer of Bihar 

1. Sitaro ki chadar ke niche Raat


Starting with the nights, may be the people of metropolitans are spending there nights in AC but here in Bihar we do it in our own style. It’s the stars which we keep it as our chadar. Bedrooms shifts to rooftop of each of the houses and everyone share their own dreams with million of stars.

2. The season of Litchi<h/3>


Somethings are signature of some places and Litchi is one of that for Bihar. It is so delicious that even spiderman compared the sweetness of his girlfriend with the sweetness of Litchi of Muzzafarpur.

3. To protect you from heatwave, you will get varieties of Desi Shakes


Starting with bel ka sharbat to sattu ka sharbat.! You will get n number of thelas at every chowk that protects you from the heatwave floating in mid-days of summers of Bihar.

4. Biju, Malda, kalama and hundreds of more varieties of Aam


Malda, Mallika, Jardaloo, Gulabkhas, Bumbai, Daseri, Chausa are major varieties of mango grown in the state. Of these, Malda contributes about 30% of the total production. So go and rock with mangoes.

5. Water from traditional Freeze, Matka ka pani

Sindhi Dilo (Pani ka Matka)


The natural and the cheapest freeze of Bihar. Let’s buy one to stick ourself with green technology.

6. Gamcha has it’s own role in Summers of Bihar

Gamcha use

7. The story will not be complete without Aam ka Achar


A girl from the capital of Bihar, trying to understand the past underdevelopment of Bihar and exploring the ways to improve the status of the State