9 Best Breakfast Menu from Bihar

We Love Morning..! Yes, unlike any other place, we in Bihar just Love Morning and this is because most of the population of Bihar is living in rural or semi-urban landscape. Given this fact makes Breakfast really important for each of us and this is the reason why there is some most tempting dishes you will find it in menu of Bihari Breakfast.

It does not involve Breads, Salads etc etc. All of this are Desi Ones. So here you have some sensational breakfast from the land of Bihar.

1. Day starts with Chai: 

For most people the day starts with a cup of tea. Apart from readymade tea they also have lal chai (red tea) and nimbu chai (lemon tea). Right from the 4 AM you will find thela walas selling the variety of chai with different speciality.


2. Kachori Jalebi Aalu Dam

After, Chai people go for varieties of breakfast in which one of my favourites is Kachori Jalebi with spicy aalu dam. Aaaah..! It tastes just suerb.

Kachori Jalebi

3. Litti/Bhabhri Chokha

Sattue is the integral part of any Bihari meal. In many occasion people consume litti chokha, or Bhabhri (more like alu paratha but stuffed with sattu, not with potato) Chokha.

Bihari Sattu Ka Paratha

4. Roti-Tarkari with Dahi 

This is the most common breakfast of the state where you will get Roti with Sabzi (tarkari) along with Dahi to make your jatra for the day 🙂


5. Sattu ka Sharbat

Many of the time in english culture, when we consume hard at nights then people consume liquids in next morning brakfast. On similar note here also we do the same, but that liquid is not juice or shake but it is Sattu ka Sharbat.

Sattu ka Sharbat

6. Chura Dahi 

The readymade breakfast dish from rural Bihar. Maggie will take 2 mins of cooking time but this will take less than a minute. 😀

Chura Dahi

7. Maar-Bhaat

Again, a very original breakfast menu from rural Bihar, Maar-Bhaat. In rural Bihar, people don’t cook rice in pressure cooker but in tassla.  Here rice cooked in bolied water and even after cooking the rice, the water remains in the container. This solution of water is termed as maar and scientifically proven it is, that maar is very rich meal to consume. This is the menu consumed by people who go to field for the entire day and that’s why he need a rock solid breakfast which is maar-bhaat.


8. Paratha-Bhunjia

In Bihar, most of the school going students eat Paratha-bhunjia.

Paratha Bhunjia

9. Makkai ka Roti 

Makkai ka roti is the same as makke ki roti, but here people eat this not just with saag but with mittha or with milk.

makki ki roti


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