9 Things You’ll Totally Get If You Are A Girl From Bihar!

You Are A Girl From Bihar

Ek Bihari Sab Par Bhaari! This just about sums up every person who has ever lived in Bihar! From movies to politics, the nation can’t seem to get enough of Bihar – be it for their amusing language or their amazing culture. Here are 9 things every girl from Bihar will totally get.

1. You have given the Engineering Medical entrances a shot, at least once in your life

Or have been asked to, by your parents! With that kickass set of genes – intelligence coupled with the will to work hard – why the hell not?!


2. And so, it really bugs you when people call anyone who’s ill-educated a ‘Bihari’!

Just how does the fact that so many top positions in the nation’s highest civil and administrative services get filled in by Biharis go unnoticed?


3. You also have strong opinions on everything from politics to economics

And come up with facts and figures to refute/ support your point of view. No one debates as passionately as you do!


4. Plus you are a great talker

Who does not just have amazing content, but a depth of tone that can easily sway people to her side.


5. You also love all things larger than life

From Ravi Kishan to SRK, from Bhojpuri to Bollywood! There never was a fan like you.


6. And you are just as excited about the small things in life…

The opening of a new McD or Pizza Hut outlet practically causes a riot in town, with people raving about it for days!


7. You’re almost always stacked with tons of snack

With litti-chokha, stuffed with sattu, being your absolute fav amongst them!


8. And celebrate your traditions from Chatt Puja to Teej, like no one else does

The turnout these festivals have – they almost always make headlines in the papers, every year!


9. You know how to sing through life and laugh along the way!

And everybody falls in love with you for your casual sense of humor along with that witty and quirky language!



Source: popxo

Not from Bihar, heard a lot about the state. Always interested in exploring the art culture and politics of the state. So here I am, writing and doing PR for AaoBihar.com
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