An Entirely New Kick- ‘Margarita With A Straw’

Disability might not be a new spice on the platter of Indian cinema but sexuality sure is. National award winning director Shonali Bose definitely knows how to imbibe disability and bisexuality of a woman in her 40s and serve it to you in the most humble format.

‘Being disabled is only a feeling’ is a lot less to say for a person who in every aspect of his/her life struggles to achieve normalization. Yet, there are two ways to tackle a disability- one in which you become a fighter and the other one in which you learn of how not to give a damn about it. In my view, both command equal respect.

Dealing with sexuality is a struggle even now. The type of sexuality of an individual, irrespective of the family and economic background are hard to digest if it is anything but not straight.

Aversions hop into the Indian society if we have a combination of the above two attributes. For a woman comfortable in her skin dealing with cerebral palsy and growing to an age of 40 has sure been through a hell lot of time to not give a damn about the society who would pity her for not being able to cross roads, her absurd pronunciations, for not making it to the bathroom on her own, for being dependent on her mother. She is the one still looking out for her love, tries a man, loves him, gets ignored, heart-broken and deals with it. She meets a visually-impaired woman, becomes libidinous and explores her love.

There is something new on the block always; the only thing is that there is no such issue as bold if we talk and see about it. It is just as normal to kindle a girl-girl or a boy-boy romance as any other. Acceptance is a verb only delayed until vision occurs. Be it a roast, a rape or a bold look for that matter. Highlighting things on forefront would bring a change.

Sakshi Singh
Brought up in Rajasthan, my earliest memories of Bihar were a word from mouth from my parents mostly until now when my senses are in full-swing to give a voice to reality and consume everything that my birth-state had to offer.



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