At This Hospital in Bihar, Earthquake Patients Were Marked With ‘Bhukamp’ Stickers

At a hospital in Darbhanga, Bihar, people injured in the earthquake that struck Nepal and parts of India on Saturday were today “marked” with stickers on their forehead.

Stickers saying “bhukamp” or earthquake were pasted on patients at the Darbhanga Medical College and Hospital for identification. After television visuals of a separate ward for earthquake victims with stickers on their foreheads triggered outrage, hospital superintendent Shankar Jha expressed regret and said the stickers would be removed immediately.

The minister overseeing relief work in Darbhanga, Baidyanath Sahni, told PTI, “I asked the hospital superintendent about this and directed him to get it removed at once.”

Mr Sahni said he had asked the superintendent to investigate and find out who was responsible for the stickers.

“I am at present in the interior areas of Darbhanga and after I return, I will visit the hospital,” said the minister.

The hospital got the tags removed this evening. Nearly 15 earthquake victims had come to the Darbhanga hospital for treatment. Six are still being treated.