Big Billion Study Sale

Enough now from e-commerce, Now It’s Education Time

In a very innovative start, many of the educators came together to start an important revolution to teach billion of Indians. This is very creative start is now known as Big Billion Study Sale.

In this sale the prime agendas are as following:

  1. Education to all
  2. Empower People and connect them with quality
  3. Solving day to day doubts
  4. Ensuring Peer Communication of Teachers, Students and Parents
  5. Help in doing Co-Curricular  Activities

But How, When & Where

How:- First time something constructive on APP, yes the answer of How is, It will be on education APP, ECKOVATION.

When: From Today or any day you feel is the right day

Where: On the APP all you have to do is to create your profile and join desire group from Open School.

Who is Supporting it

Not One But Many Great Good Educators Are Coming Together to Help You All.

Now What

  1. Download Eckovation APP or Join on Web
  2. Create your Profile
  3. Join the group You Like From Open School. Visit Website: Web
  4. Start Studying


 Now Hurry Up  

Trying to connect you from almost all the hottest news of Bihar and the reason behind this is to ensure the proper awareness of all of the citizen.
So say AaoBihar