Bihar dishonour killing: A man and teenage girl, beaten, burnt alive for eloping

A 36 year-old man and a 16 year-old girl who had eloped were beaten and later burnt alive following orders of the village panchayat in Gaya, Bihar, reports NDTV.

The police has filed an FIR against the father of the girl as they believe the girl’s family was involved in the killings, the report adds. According to ANI, a woman has been arrested with regards to the case. The couple were burnt after a public hearing by the village panchayat where at least 100 people were present. The girl’s family too were present at the hearing and they reportedly supported the hearing.


The report says that police speculate that 20 men from the girls’s family themselves might have killed them villagers who witnessed the murders did nothing to stop it. The incident was reported by neighbouring villagers. The man who was murdered was allegedly married with three children and met the teenager when he visited the Gaya village to meet his in-laws.

After the man eloped with the teenager, the girl’s family chased them and brought them to the village, where the panchayat ruling to kill them took place.

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