Bihar Election Update: Oct 13, 2015

TheTop 10 News:
  1. The Election Commission said today’s voter turnout is a record for Bihar. In the 2010 assembly elections, 50.85 per cent of the electorate had voted.
  2. Women turned out in larger numbers to vote than men – 59.5 per cent of the women voted and 54.5 per cent of the men. There were 1.35 crore voters in this phase.
  3. Added to the tight security detail for today’s election was the deployment of three drones.
  4. Polling today was peaceful, said Deputy Election Commissioner Umesh Sinha
  5. Of the 49 seats where polling was held today, Nitish Kumar’s Janata Dal (United) had won 29 in 2010. But it had fought that election in partnership with the BJP, which now leads the rival camp. Mr Kumar’s new ally is Lalu Prasad Yadav, his number 1 rival in the last election.
  6. This time, the JD(U) is contesting 24 of the 49 seats in the first phase, Lalu’s RJD is contesting 17 and third partner Congress is contesting eight. The big worry is whether Lalu Prasad will be able to transfer his votes to the JD(U).
  7. The BJP is contesting 27 seats in the first phase and ally Ram Vilas Paswan’s LJP is contesting 13. The LJP has high stakes in this phase – it holds four of this region’s eight Lok Sabha seats. Other BJP allies are contesting the nine other seats.
  8. The BJP-led coalition is targeting at winning at least 30 of the 49 seats in today’s election to get a strong start in what is seen as a neck-and-neck contest.
  9. The Bihar elections are crucial for the BJP which needs to build numerical muscle in the Rajya Sabha, or the upper house of Parliament. The BJP-led government has been unable to push key reforms in Parliament because it is in a minority in the Rajya Sabha, whose members are elected by state legislatures.
  10. The results in Bihar will also set the tone for several key assembly elections next year – West Bengal, Kerala, Assam and Tamil Nadu. Votes will be counted on November 8.
Krishna Kumar
The state of Bihar has given a lot to the history of humanity but in recent past we had given child labour, women harresment, theft, murder and corruption. I am here to raise the voice.!