Bihar: IIT Patna cracks code at global contest

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Patna has been ranked 29th among 126 universities from around the world by coding competition platform HackerRank.

Millions of programme developers, including thousands of students, from around the world regularly solve computer coding challenges at HackerRank to improve their skills.

Gagan Kumar, a third-year computer science undergraduate student at IIT-Patna participated in the competition and was ranked 249th.

“Around 5,500 students from 126 universities participated in the competition,” he said. “The students were given different coding tasks to be cracked in a stipulated timeframe.”

Gagan said the competition was a challenging task where a student’s technique and accuracy to solve a coding is judged.

Coding is a computer language through which computer software, apps and websites are created.

Apps on phones, Facebook and millions of websites are all made through this coding (computer language).

In simple terms, coding tells the computer what to do. But it is not that simple. It requires series of programming.

Coding, which is a computer language, is different from human languages in that there is no vocabulary or alphabets.

Codes generally work on special commands, all software is written in some kind of coding language.


This is first time that IIT-Patna has secured the 29th rank. The top three positions were grabbed by ITMO Saint Petersburg in Russia; Sun Yat-sen Memorial Middle School in Guangdong, China and Ho Chi Minh City University of Science, Vietnam respectively. Among other Indian universities and institutions, IIT-Indore secured eighth position and IIT-Kanpur ninth.

At 29, IIT-Patna ranked ahead of IIT-Kharagpur and Delhi Technological University (DTU), Delhi, and many more engineering institutes.

IIT-Patna’s ranking was decided on the basis of points scored by its students in the competition round the year.

Gagan’s senior Harshit, who participated in the competition last year, said: “HackerRank, the coding platform competition, is gaining popularity among engineering students, especially among students from computer science and IT background.”

Harshit claimed that many IT companies even recruit students on the basis of their performance in HackerRank competitions.

IIT sources even claimed that many IT companies had recruited IIT-Patna students on the basis of their performance in HackerRank last year.

The few companies which recruited students based on HackerRank performance were Amazon, Snapdeal among others.

Harshit claimed that the competition is held round the year, while the results of competition are out in the end of year based on students’ performance round the year. The students also gets cash prizes based on their performance.

The ‘HackerRank’ competition is widely popular in Russia and European countries, and even in China and other Asian countries.

But in last few years, students from many engineering colleges in India have shown interest in participating in the competition.

In the HackerRank list of 50 universities and engineering colleges, there are 17 institutions from India. However, the majority of students participating in the competition are from IITs, National Institutes (NITs) of Technology and Indian Institutes of Information Technology (IIITs).

Apart from IIT-Indore and IIT-Kanpur and IIT-Patna the other tech cradles which have secured good rank in the competition is IIT-BHU and BITS Pilani securing 15th and 17th positions respectively.

Even NIT Patna has secured 49th rank. In Asia, apart from 17 institutions from India one institutions each from China, Vietnam, Turkey and South Korea features in top 50 lists.

Among US universities, University of California Berkeley has secured 4th rank, while Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta has secured 43rd rank.

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