Bihar is not in the top states of highest Crime Rate, report of NCRB

Madhya Pradesh tops the cognisable crime chart released by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB).

The state has recorded a total of 2,72,423 cognisable crimes in 2014 under the Indian Penal Code (IPC), reveals the latest NCRB report.

The BJP-ruled state accounted for 9.6 per cent of the total crimes reported in the country followed by Maharashtra which stood second with 2,49,834 crimes reported last year, which is 8.8 per cent of the total crimes registered in the country.

Crime and peace

A total  28,51,563 incidence of crimes were reported in 2014 which shows 7.7 per cent increase from the 2013 figure of 26,47,722.

Madhya Pradesh also tops the list of sexual offences under the IPC. The highest number of rape cases — 5,076 — were reported in Madhya Pradesh followed by 3,759 in Rajasthan.

The NCRB data, which has been categorised under the IPC crime and Special and Local Laws (SLL) reveals a 7 per cent increase from 2013 in the number of accused arrested for murder with the arrest of 69,320 people.


In rape cases, a total of 48,193 people were arrested last year which shows a 14.4 per cent increase from the 2013 report. There is a significant increase in number of persons arrested for auto theft with the arrest of 79,680 people which shows 37.7 per cent increase from 2013.

Murder, kidnapping, sexual harassments, dowry deaths, child rapes, dacoity and cheating come under the IPC classification while explosive, gambling, immoral trafficking and cybercrime are covered under SLL crime.

The data of crime rates in major cities indicate Delhi tops the list as it reported the highest incidence of crimes under the IPC among the major cities in the country followed by Mumbai 40,361 incidence and Bengaluru with 31,892 last year.

The maximum 472 murder cases were reported in Delhi followed by 241 in Bengaluru. About 1,813 rape cases were registered in Delhi followed by 607 in Mumbai and 263 in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Total 5,761 rape incidence were reported in 53 mega cities.

In the cases of kidnapping and abduction, Delhi was again far ahead from other cities with 6,016 cases followed by 599 in Patna and 541 in Mumbai. Total 5,963 riots incidence were reported from 53 mega cities, including 277 communal riots incidence.

Crime against women across the country increased by around 10 per cent last year as compared to previous year with total 3,37,922 cases registered in 2014 against 3,09,546 cases in 2013, according to the National Crime Records Bureau’s latest report, which was released on Tuesday.

Despite various steps taken by the Centre and state governments, crime against women across country has risen by 9.16 per cent. As per the report, Uttar Pardesh, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra are the least safe states for women.

As per the report, Uttar Pradesh tops the list, with 38,467 cases being registered; followed by West Bengal, 38,299 cases; Rajasthan, 31,151 cases; Madhya Pradesh, 28,678 cases and Maharashtra, 26,693 cases.

In 2013, too, Uttar Pradesh registered a maximum of 32,546 cases; followed by West Bengal, 29,826 cases; Rajasthan, 27,933; Maharashtra, 24,895 and Madhya Pradesh, 22,061 cases.

Interestingly, as per the 2014 report,  Nagaland recorded the lowest crime against women with 67 cases; followed by Sikkim with 110 cases; Mizoram, 258 cases.

In the meantime, Delhi registered 15,265 cases of crime against women in 2014 compared to 12,888 cases in 2013.  The maximum number of sexual offence cases was registered in Madhya Pradesh with 15,170 cases being filed, followed by Maharashtra with 15,029 cases.  In Uttar Pradesh, 12,425 cases were registered in 2014, followed by Rajasthan with 10,149 cases. West Bengal registered 9,335 cases of sexual offences, which include rape, attempt to rape and molestation.


The maximum number of rape cases in 2014 was registered in Madhya Pradesh with 5,076 incidents; followed by Rajasthan, 3,759; Uttar Pradesh, 3,467; Maharashtra, 3,438; Delhi, 2,096; West Bengal, 1,656.

Uttar Pradesh reported 189 custodial rape incidents, followed by Arunachal Pradesh with registration of four cases.  In Puducherry, one incident of custodial rape was recorded in 2014.

The maximum number gangrapes took place in Uttar Pradesh with 573 cases being registered; followed by Rajasthan, 414 cases; Delhi, 147.

The report also stated that, in total, 58,592 cases of kidnapping of women and girls were registered in 2014, with the maximum number of cases being reported in Uttar Pradesh at 10,628; Madhya Pradesh registered 5,738 cases; West Bengal, 5062; and Bihar, 4760. A whopping 4,227 cases were registered in the national capital.

The report further pointed out that 57 cases of molestation were reported at office premises across the country and most of them were registered in Delhi and Mumbai. In total 1,19,538 cases of cruelty by husband and relatives were registered across the country.  As per the report, a total, 2,070 cases of immoral trafficking were registered across the country.

Source: Indian Express

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