‘Bihari.!’: A True Story

That day is still fresh in my head, the day at my newly transfered school in Sharjah,UAE. It was kind of thrilling for me to leap in straight from Patna, Bihar to Sharjah.

Everything was new, different and standard. And so for the time i traveled to school in an air-conditioned bus which almost suffocated me and made me vomit in the last! That obviously created panic among those elite kids around making them pass nasty comments on me. And it left me teary-eyed ,so it wasn’t a great start anyway and left me even more nervous. I then headed to our classroom and found students from across several nations. Though the majority was Indian given that it was an Indian school.

I chose to sit in a corner desk for not wishing to recieve wierd attention. I then noticed the girls chatting and joking all in english language which was a little different for me as we in Bihar feel free to gossip in our very own language and only were compelled to communicate with the teachers and class monitors in english or else were charged with a fine or a red remark entry in our diary. So now here I sat fascinated by the structure of our air-conditioned classroom ,single desks, tidy curtains and beautiful crafts pinned on the bulletins. And then entered the class teacher. She politely called out my name and asked to introduce myself to the class.

I collected all my senses and strength and muttered my name and home place. I still remember the class teacher and the students were stunned and echoed in union “BIHAR!!”. I was the only girl they came across from Bihar. And then the teacher playfully asked “Okay so you are from the Lalu place, you must have met him?” And that was followed by plenty of wierd queries from my classmates, like “howcome a bihari have such a good fluency in english?”, “you look tamilian not bihari!”, “is it safe for you guys to roam in your city?”.

I laughed away at all their silly questions and gradually made them realise the we biharis can easily fit in and compete in any given arena. As we are simple and kind at heart but have a fierce attitude towards achieving our goals in life

Fatima Sameen
Eater, dreamer, reader, writer ..in that order! Desserts and choclates,i believe you were only found to somehow reach me and become my first love. In a woeful world of robos, humor is something which i appreciate ..be it in books or blood.