Bihari Marriage: 15 Terms used in marriages of Bihar

The proposal for a boy in marriage by the girl’s relations or vice versa is called bartui, bardekhi, or barekhi. In South Bihar it is sometimes Called panbatti. In Patna it is occasionally called babhan puchchhi.

1. The match-maker, who conducts the preliminary negotiations, is called agua. In North Bihar he/she is also called ghatak.


2. When a suitable boy has been found if, during the negotiations, a member of the bride’s house visits  the bride groom’s, or vice versa, the food given him to eat is called bartuhi ke bhat.

 3. The betrothal consists in paying the tilak on the occasion of the formal proposal and acceptance of the proposal of marriage. Some where an advance ceremony , as a sort of securing the bridegroom ; called phaldan, chhenka, or bar chhenka is also arranged. In Saran and Champaran it is also called barachchha, in Tirhut pancharhi and in Bhagalpur pantohi. The man -who carries the chhenka is the chenkahru or chhenkahri. 

4. The period of marriage ceremonies dates from the present
ing tilak, and is called lagan or sudh.


5. The marriage procession is bariyat.


6. When it remains at the house of the bride a day after the wedding, the halt is called marjad.


7. When a bride’s father is unable through poverty to defray the expenses of the marriage, and he sends her to the bridegroom’s house for the performance of the ceremony, she is called karhui.

8. The marriage procession is the first formal visit of the bridegroom to the bride’s house. The second visit, which consists in the ceremony of going to the bride and bringing her home to her husband’s house for the consummation of the marriage, is gawna, durdgaman or roksati/ roskaddi .


9. Immediately before the final visit to fetch the bride, a message is sent to the bride’s house with some presents, is called niyar, and the persons who carry them is niyardharua.
10. The persons who actually fetch the bride are lautahar, liawan, or levari.
11. The newly-arrived bride is called gaunahri.
12. In Tirhut she is also called bahuasin. The male members of her party are lokanah and the females lokni or lokaniya.
13. The second visit of the bride to her husband’s house is d0nqa, and her third visit is tenga.
14. Her subsequent visits to her husband’s or her parents’ house are called bidagiri or awan gawan, ahor bahor. 
15. A married girl in her father’s house is called by her people dhiya, babui or suasin. When a wife is in her father’s house, and her husband wishes her to return, he sends a messenger to summon her, who is called pethwaniya
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