Case study on Bihar’s Super 30

PATNA: The University of East London, UK, in partnership with Mumbai based Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), has done a case study on Bihar’s Super 30 as part of a research project, entitled, “Exploring good practices in overcoming deprivation in India and UK.”

Super 30 is just one of three case studies selected from India and only one from Bihar. Two other case studies have been taken from Mumbai, while three case studies are from UK.

The project, supported by the British Council under UK-India Education and Research Initiative (UKIERI), is aimed at mapping social innovation strategies in overcoming multiple deprivations in select locations in India and UK.

The team also interviewed 50 successful students 0f Super 30 during the last five months in order to capture their experiences in life. The findings of the study would make international community aware of the work and efforts of Super 30, said a team member.

The team also interviewed the successful students 0f Super 30 in order to capture their experiences in life. The findings of the study would make international community aware of the work and efforts of Super 30.

Manish K Jha, professor and chairperson, centre for community organization and envelopment practice, TISS, Mumbai, said Super 30 was selected as case study for showing how education could make a lasting difference to deprivation, while two other case studies in Mumbai were on slums and Hindu-Muslim unity.

“The study has been completed and presentation will be made soon. It will be published in leading journals of the world’’, Jha said.

The team spent time with the students and studied how the students overcame deprivation in a conducive atmosphere provided by Anand Kumar at Super 30 to add wings to their dreams. It has been a good case study, as it has been able to drive home the point how education could be used for social transition.

In fact, the very purpose for selecting Super 30 in Bihar, as it is suited to the theme of the project “Exploring good practices in overcoming deprivation”.

And at Super 30, they are mentored in a “family atmosphere” to get the best out of them. The students have also shared their experiences in the interviews.

Super 30 founder Anand Kumar , when contacted, said it was good that people were trying to understand the art and science of Super 30.“The students from deprived sections have amply demonstrated that with right opportunity, they are themselves capable to scripting change,” he said.

Time magazine declared Super 30 the ‘best of Asia’, while Newsweek included it in the list of four most innovative schools of the world.

Once they are admitted in Super 30, they spend about 16 hours a day at their study routine. Coaching, food and accommodation are provided free of cost to all the selected 30 students, Anand said.

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