Challenges of the education system of Chapra

‘Education is the soul of society which passes from one generation to another’- Keith Chesterton.

As the quote suggests, education is the soul of society. Confusing as it seems but it is the reality. Education isn’t a simple term which just means bookish knowledge; instead it is a comprehensive term comprising broader aspects like Culture, Civilization, Thinking Skills, Mindset, and all. These factors together give the reflexion of a society. So despite being affluent, if a society lacks education, it is not regarded to be a standard one.

Through my article, I don’t intend to question the Merits, Skills and Capabilities of our society, but I just want to throw some light upon the prevailing layer of dust over it. Coming straight to the point, let us contemplate about where exactly lies the problem. Do we lack the basic infrastructure needed for the education? No. We certainly have several well to do structures and time to time, our government keeps allocating some funds for the maintenance (Or maybe to fill the pockets of the management). Do we lack talent and merit in our children? Well the truth is that we probably have ample amount of that. Then what is the problem? The problem is although very complex but in some ways it is the lack of capable teachers and efficient administration simultaneously. Looking back in the time we can observe that change of government in our state brought flood of vacancies in our state but along came the atrocities, atrocities in the recruitment of efficient teachers. Corruption became rampant and the vote bank policy of the government made her blindfolded towards it. ‘Corruption is a rodent which eats up the system slowly’ and in a crucial sector like education, it was no less than a social hazard.

The basic education provides the solid platform for the whole carrier but unfortunately, this only is the most fragile segment of our society. To check the potent of the teachers, if they are made to face the board exams of CBSE fairly, more than 80% will fail there for sure. So, what will they actually impart to our society? Some teachers complain that students are not willing to study. The best answer is that even you were not willing to study at that age. It is the duty of a teacher to raise the interest in them. Moreover a student is like a clay pot that can be moulded & shielded in any shape. The seldom meritorious teachers are unable to teach due to the pathetic base of students. Moreover those who are talented among the new recruits are not zestful due to the meagre sum that they draw. They are continuing to teach just in a hope of betterment of conditions in future, lest they shall resign for sure. A salary of 12k for the talented ones and a salary of 40k+ for ill efficient ones is totally Unjust. Why to have this kind of segregation and partiality; just because of their financial obligations?


I still remember the Hullabaloo over the cheating malfunction in the state board exams. I must say that be it Students, Teachers, Parents or the Government; everyone is equally responsible. If the Teachers do not take up even half of the syllabus in the whole academic year then how & what will the students answer in the exam? Similarly the students like to take the shortcuts instead of relying on hard work and self-study. They have more believe in cheating than their self ability.

 The parents are responsible for not taking proper care of their children and moreover encouraging them to cheat by providing them with chits and guess papers like Atom Bomb 😉 . The government is responsible for being blindfolded towards it and not tackling the root causes of it.


Education is all about selfless service, dedication and devotion towards the society. It is perhaps the purest of the deeds. But our private schools are taking it more as a ‘Business’ than Service. First of all the sky rocketing fees of the ‘Big Brands’ and their tantrum makes it a dreamy thing for the Mass.

Those who are affluent and attentive are compelled to avail their service and become a victim of ‘Fees Terrorism’. This profit making is enticing more and more people towards this ‘Business’. But the ground reality is that if we leave apart certain ‘Big Brands’, even private schools are not up to the mark. Their only motive is just to squeeze more and pay less. Will a talented person nod to work for 3k-5k per month? Certainly not. So the equation is simple, those who are hollow themselves are imparting the knowledge. What an Irony!                                                  

So let us come to the solution part now. Like the problem, the solution is also very complex and time taking. It requires tackling the problems step by step and with patience. The government should first of all scrutinise the efficient teachers. This could be done by taking tough and fair exam with standard questions, based on the modern exam patterns and practices. Irrespective of the speculated protests, only those who qualify should be entitled for the job further. After that these teachers should be provided with proper pay and secure job. Fresh vacancies with standard facilities should be brought for the vacant posts.  After that proper study should be ensured in all the classes, be it class 1th or 10th. Initially it will be difficult for both the teachers and students to accommodate, but eventually it will benefit to solidify the education system. It will take time to make a base from the zero level but after few years, it will be fruitful as the base will be firm. The indulgence of the teachers in unproductive works like Mid Day Meal, Survey, Census, Dress Distribution, etc. should be cut down. Proper administration and fund flow for different works should be ensured. Modernization for the betterment and taming should be done like installation of Bio-metric system, CCTV cameras, Smart classes, Routine submission of work details and progress online, etc. A proper feedback channel should be created to monitor the report of schools. Frequent monitoring and vigilance of the system should be ensured. Now with the iconic ‘Jan Dhan Yojana’, almost all households are having bank accounts. So, direct transfer of all the benefits like dress, books, cycle, scholarship, etc. should be done. A Model School should be selected in all the districts and cities for Providing assistance and guidelines to the other schools. Selection of 3-5 best teachers from every districts should be done and they should be rewarded to impetus them and bring competitiveness. Training programs should be organised time to time. Digital maintenance of all the records and data should be implemented.  Proper facility of library, computer labs and science lab should be brought in. The implementation and maintenance of all these may be a costly task. But if Akhilesh Yadav can distribute free Laptops as Election propaganda, then these things should not cost fortunes to the government. Moreover it is an inevitable investment for the welfare and betterment of the society. Even then if needed, a genuine fee of Rs 50-100 may be levied. If these things get properly implemented them the cheating will automatically become minimal. As long as private schools are concerned, the government should intervene and should set up a committee to review and revise the school fees and a proper salary structure there. The superficial profit making should be handled with iron fist.

It is difficult to sum up this Grave Issue in a few pages. But finally I will end up saying that “Revolution Comes from the Mass”. So, we all must play our part promptly and honestly to transform our ancient city into an Intellectual Heritage.

Sameer Shanu
Student from Chapra who has concern for the society and so started writing on non-fictional issues