Christmas Spirit Grips Bihar

On the night before Christmas, people in Bihar immersed themselves in the spirit of the festival as churches rang bells and missionary schools in the city organized cultural events signifying the birth of Jesus Christ.

Decorations were especially attractive at the Catholic Church, the Bishop House, and the Christ Church near Gandhi Maidan, were large crowd showed up to see the spectacular display of lighting.


With stores and shopping centers appropriately decorated for the festival, the entire state capital lit in colorful blinking lights as people rushed to join Christmas programs organized at nearly all top hotels and members-only clubs where games and dance competitions kept them busy till late night.

Confectioners in the state capital, as usual, were busy selling out Christmas cakes, pastries, and cookies faster than they could bake to meet the public demand.


Mass midnight prayers were organized to mark the birth of Jesus Christ as people of Christian faith in Patna and neighboring areas like Danapur and Khagaul where people also gathered for candlelight vigils as a sign of peace across the world.

A number of schools in Patna also celebrated Christmas by organizing parties along with the appearance of Santa Claus and cake-cutting ceremonies where children exchanged gifts with each other.


Several schools in Patna, including the Notre Dame, Patna Women’s College, Mount Carmel, St. Joseph’s Convent, Holi Mission School, and Tender Hearts School held special events to celebrate the birth of Christ.


Merry Christmas 🙂

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