Cobbler imparts free education to Mahadalit children in Bihar

This is a unique story of a cobbler who could not continue his studies after passing 10th class and then decided teach deprived children and help them build their career.


Seventy-two year-old Ramashish Das is a cobbler by profession and has a small shop in Barh block, about 50 kms from Patna. Apart from being a cobbler, Ramashish is also a teacher and he runs perhaps world’s smallest classroom since 1991. The shop of Ramashish is not only a source of livelihood for him but also a source of educations for several Mahadalit children. His 16 square feet shop is his classroom.


Ramashish, along with carrying on with his profession of mending people’s shoes and earning few penny, is also running a classroom in his shop for last 25 years. Ramashish, a Mahadalit by caste could not continue with his studies after he passed his Class 10 and that pain always used to trouble him in next few years. He himself wanted to study further and make it big in life but unable to do so, he had to fall back on his family profession of being a cobbler.

However, later in life Ramashish decided that he will not let dreams of other children shatter and started teaching children from deprived section of the society. Every day, several children from the Mahadalit community make a beeline at his shop where they free education from him.


At present, Ramashish is teaching 30 students and does not charge a single paise from them but parents of few voluntarily give him Rs 20-30 per month for his noble deed.

“I always wanted to study further by could not do so. Therefore I have been teaching poor children for past several years for free. My aim is to see that dreams of other children do not get shattered like mine”, says Ramashish Das.

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