FACTS that you should know about BIHAR

  1. Bihar has more number of Literate than Kerala and Tamil Nadu combined
  2. Bihar has more number of Graduate than Andhra Pradesh and Kerala combined
  3. More Biharis are doctors than Punjab and Gujarat combined
  4. Bihar has produced more number of IAS officer than Kerala,Karnataka, Tamil Nadu , Andhra and Gujarat combined
  5. More Biharis are bank probationary office than any other state
  6. More Biharis are in IIT compare to Maharashtra and Gujarat
  7. Murder rate in Bihar is half of murder rate in Mumbai
  8. Rape in Bihar is 1/10th of Delhi
  9. Number of people killed in Bihar in communal violence is 1/75 th of Gujarat
  10. Naxalites in Bihar have killed less people than in Andhra Pradesh
  11. Bihar produces more wheat than Punjab
  12. Bihar is only large state where no farmer committed suicide
  13. More Bihari Girls complete Graduation than Kerala

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Jai Bihar

Not from Bihar, heard a lot about the state. Always interested in exploring the art culture and politics of the state. So here I am, writing and doing PR for AaoBihar.com
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