Frogs married in India to break drought

It was a ribbeting wedding ceremony.

Two frogs were married in India so that a drought might end – and  a village might live hoppily ever after.

The amphibian couple was joined in matrimony during a traditional ceremony in Takhatpur, India.

Frog WeddingVillagers in Takhatpur, India take part in a traditional wedding ceremony between two frogs. (Indian Photo Agency/Caters News Agency)

It’s custom in some parts of India to perform frog marriages during water shortages to invoke rain gods.

In images recently published by Caters photo agency, villagers can be seen attending the elaborate ceremony and placing their hands over the water-loving guests of honor.

Frog WeddingThe newlywed frogs look festive during their unusual nuptials, performed to please rain gods. (Indian Photo Agency/Caters News Agency)

The unusual bride and groom even dressed up for the special occasion, donning colorfuL flowers over their slippery bodies.

In one image, the two frogs are pictured slipping into festive, red bags while one villager gently dabs paint onto each creature’s head.

Frog Wedding
They aren’t your typical bride and group. Two frogs say ‘I do’ during an unusual frog wedding in India. (Indian Photo Agency/Caters News Agency)

But the formal ceremony wasn’t without a little romance.

The happy newlyweds shared a wet kiss following their “I do’s.”

In 2011, two frogs were also married in the Koppal region of India in attempt to break a drought, The Times of India reports.

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