History of Bihar Assignment 1

O’ my dear Bihar!

Do you hear us? We are your children. We know you have had many children across centuries and millennia but we don’t know much about them; nor do we know your life and history.

Don’t take it otherwise, but we are your special children. We are face to face, discussing things one on one. We are new born ones, but curious to know all about you. No, we don’t want to know or hear your story from others. After all, don’t we need to be authentic about account of life events? Needless to say, we want to hear the story from horse’s mouth. Is it clear to you now? Yes, we want to hear it from you, and you alone.

My dear children,

Let me tell you that I know and love you all very much. I always take care of you, but only silently. It’s just that you are not aware of it all. Besides, I don’t know how good it can be for you to depend on me for my life story. After all, I can’t keep records of all that has happened and still happening at a tremendously fast rate in my life, with my life. I don’t think I remember every detail of my journey. However, I know it for certain that some of my children know more about me and my course of journey than I know myself. So, please don’t insist on hearing it all from me. If you agree, I will suggest an alternative way. You invite all my children on my behalf to deposit their wealth of memory about my life and its important destinations. Let them shuffle the individual deposits in order to know me better.

O’ the most respected, my loving land Bihar!

It means you want to sit in judgement on your own life story. But we won’t allow you to occupy the chair of justice. You are a party and therefore it’s your liability to defend yourself against false charges. You can’t be a deaf and dumb to yourself. Besides, this is not what we had expectation from you. You need to be in some role in this story.

My dear children!

I don’t think I have said anything like what you are quoting me for. Dear children, when did I say, for instance, that I would sit in judgement on my own story? On the contrary, I want to make it clear to you all that I will not sit in be judgement, nor will I argue over facts and opinions of others about me. I declare hereby that I am not associated with any particular colour or brand; nor do I favour any in particular. Don’t get disheartened my children, I am willing to help you in getting started. Now listen to my idea. I reserve the right to ask questions about my life story to myself. We need something to think through to know and begin. To let you begin your sessions on my life history, I ask you a preliminary question. Are you ready?

Dear Bihar

We agree and your time starts now. You can ask your first question.

Bihar: OK. I will ask you a question and you please invite your friends to deposit their memories, interpretations and inferences in response. To allow me to continue the mission, I request you all to enter and complete entry of your expressions of facts, opinions, interpretations and inferences relating to episodes of life history within a week from the date of announcement of the question. Once you are able to exhaust all deposits of your studied memory, I will throw up the next question for you to ponder over, then next and next and…… I will see to it that our discussion goes uninterrupted till we together decide to build and welcome a new dawn in our lives. Here is my first question:

What do you know about my birth story?

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