I am Dil se Bihari

I have lived in quite a few other states apart from my very own Bihar. So I’m naturally accustomed to the way people react when I tell them that I’m from Bihar. “What? Seriously? You don’t look or sound like a Bihari!” Excuse me. Do Biharis have an antenna over their head or they speak in some other language?

And then, I start preaching them on not to judge people based on their occupation. Just because you see most of the laborers, rickshaw wallahs or vegetable vendors from this state doesn’t really indicate the entire state lives in poverty. I mean everyone has to fend for himself. One should learn to appreciate the way they step out of their state and strive to make their living.

Girl Walking On Road


Recently, I was travelling from Ahmedabad to Delhi during a festive occasion. Due to heavy bookings, I somehow managed to get a sleeper ticket. There were some army men in my bogie. Out of respect, I let them use my seat to keep their baggage. After they got down, my co-traveler, an uncle aged 40 maybe prompted me, “Where are you going?” Upon knowing my destination, he responded, “Wahi to. Warna Gujarati kaha apni seat dete hain. Ap Dilli se ho, isliye help kar di.”
I somehow managed to hold my laughter pitying his thoughts and said, “I’m from Bihar.” His reaction… SPEECHLESS!


He diverted the topic of discussion to politics, the most favorite topic to humiliate Bihar. I was no less. I participated enthusiastically and made them conclude that it’s not the people but politics ruining the country.

Oh, come on! Forget about the political arena or criminal stories. Bihar is much more than that. Talk about literacy, food, culture, and people. I mean has anyone pondered that we girls in Bihar are given equal educational status? Bihar is one of those states where parents don’t force their children to give up on their dreams and get married.
There is openness, of thoughts, of parental support.
There is unity, of diverse regions and arts.
There is an ambition in every eye, to achieve the impossible.
And who would ignore the fact that we get appreciated wherever we go (wink)?

No matter wherever we are, the feeling of breathing our own native air is unbeatable. That’s why I’m one among those who proudly declare that

“I am Dil se Bihari”.

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