I Can See a Temple Reduced to Rubble

I am right now in a secure open space near my office in Kathmandu. Everyone here is sacred. I can hear the sounds of approaching helicopters and ambulance sirens. Right in front me I can see a temple has been reduced to rubble.

Just some time ago, I was in my office in Tripureshwar when I suddenly felt the earth shake. A moment later, my colleagues and I started running out of the office. I knew that in such situations you move to open spaces.

While we were moving out of the building, I could hear people screaming and scrambling to run out of the building.

Once outside, I saw that a wall had collapsed nearby and a couple of people were stuck in the debris. I joined the others who were there and somehow managed to take them to a hospital nearby. Thankfully my office is very close to a local hospital.

I then called my relatives and friends who tell me that several buildings in their areas have been damaged.

We don’t really have exact details but friends are posting details on Facebook and Twitter. And I am reposting that to keep people informed. Several of our iconic structures are damaged.

Before after EarthQuake

(Shiva Dahal  is a video editor with a TV channel in Kathmandu.)
Source: NDTV