Important: The basic do’s and don’t’s as Election Day approaches

As a voter you should also know the aspects that are considered as corrupt practices or electoral offences:

(i) Offering or accepting money or any other gratification either to vote for or not to vote for a particular candidate.



(ii) Inducement by way of liquor, feast, gifts, etc. to vote for or not to vote for a particular candidate.



(iii) Inducement to vote or not to vote for a particular candidate on the grounds of religion, caste, community, sectarian beliefs or place of birth.



(iv) Threat to an elector of ex-communication if he votes for or against a particular candidate.



(v) Offer of free conveyance to any elector to go to or from any polling station.


Source : Election Commission


Krishna Kumar
The state of Bihar has given a lot to the history of humanity but in recent past we had given child labour, women harresment, theft, murder and corruption. I am here to raise the voice.!