In just 3 days of IPL, 5 Great Debates on It

In just 3 days of IPL, the great 5 debates are flowing with air. The people across world are participating, why not you taking part in it. So, here you Go

#1. Yuvraj batting position


No Surprises, any one can go in grief, the player who is just the hero of batting in T-20, who got max money in the season are coming at number 6. Delhi, what are you doing, have you completely loosen out the thought process or unlike Indian Societies, you are treating your players equal

#2 The 9 Runs of Yuvraj


The issue of controversy is not that Yuvraj scored just 9 but the issue is, after so many statements from Yuvraj’s father is he taking revenge from him and thats why he got out so cheaply in match against Dhoni. May be only Yograj Singh can reveal this truth.

#3 The broken bat of Gambhir

Gambhir bat

Look the fault in manufacturing processes in India. One of the famous player’s bat got broken like hell. It created that moment for Gambhir, when he must had given a thought ” Saala, Bat kon si dukan se kharida tha, ghata ho gaya yaar”

#4 The Dance of Pretty Zinta


The fabulous dance of the prettiest lady of IPL, Preeti Zinta has enjoyed the game unlikely the last season when se filed the famous report against her ex-boyfriend. Good for us, anyways Its a Hot news of the day.

#5 The failure of Sehwag and Maxwell


A team plays with the Giants of Cricket, the big hitters and non of them have performed for Punjab. WTF..! The whole world was just waiting for the batting of Kings XI but they came, they spread disappointments

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