India’s Daughter: O Re Chiraiya


India’s Daughter : India’s Daughter Banned Indian rapist BBC documentary

Why can’t we share this? We can and we will..!

Its now deleted from different sources, a phrase from the video, what this idiot is saying


The documentary is freaking good to show the mental condition of the society and some of its fucking elements but they asked to remove and the videos are now deleted from almost all the sources.

Sad part of the Indian Democracy. F**K all

Salute to Joyti Singh..!

Who here has no tolerance to bear the video.

Shit on the shameful decision of removing the video.

Share this more, to show that they have taken a wrong decision..!

Listen to what our gentle politicians are saying..!

Kiran Kher’s stand on the documentary

People’s Reaction on the day of incidence:


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