Intolerance Is On A Rise: Kailash Satyarthi

Nobel laureate Kailash Satyarthi said on Friday that intolerance is on the rise and there is a “dialogue deficit” between the government and its people.

“There is significant intolerance in our society. Not only intolerance but fear and apathy has also risen in the society at large which is dividing it.

“This situation is prevailing because there is dialogue deficit between the government and some sections of the society, which should be resolved as soon as possible,” Satyarthi told PTI on the sidelines of an event held at Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) here.

“Not only in India but the rising intolerance is a world wide phenomenon. But I wish the government soon breaks the monologue and starts dialogue with an open mind,” he said.

When asked what was his opinion on litterateurs, film makers and scientists who were returning their awards, he said, “whatever is happening is not a good sign”.

“The need of the hour is that the government sit with these people and listen to their point of view at least,” he added.

Earlier, while addressing a gathering of students and social workers at TISS, Satyarthi expressed concern on the way people were educating their children on matters of religion.

“Our children have not made religion or caste. They should be taught in a way that binds the different followers of different religions but unfortunately its not happening,” the Child Rights activist said.

“We should be proud of being humans first. We ought to have dignity of being an Indian, but it doesn’t mean that we should hate Pakistan,” he said.

“If we have simplicity, austerity, quest for learning and nature to forgive someone’s mistake, then there is child alive inside your heart…never let this child die,” he appealed.


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