Its her Mistake..? #India’sDaughter

Yes, the whole system, the freaking system has definitely some great fault. You know IT’S HER MISTAKE because she had taken birth in a bloody indian system where girls are well portrayed as  things. Things which is once produced can be gifted to others and if stolen then insanity come upon the owner. F**k it.

Check some of the great sentences of the person who had done the greatest of the great shit on India and he almost has proud like Gandhi and his lawyer, never the less feeling like Nehru. Idiots..!

1.  Mukesh Singh: Convicted but feeling as if he is the one who the statue of innocence



2. On has to kick an iron rod in his as* and should ask to do the same.



3. Read the idiot, has no mercy on Girls and bastard is feeling as if he has not done any wrong



4. Never the less, read his lawyer, AK Singh


5. I dont know if he has mother or sister in his house


Not from Bihar, heard a lot about the state. Always interested in exploring the art culture and politics of the state. So here I am, writing and doing PR for
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