Jai Bihar: IIT Patna Rocked on International Show of ASME

IIT-Patna shone at the Human Powered Vehicle Challenge with its team ‘Alacrity’ bagging the third position and winning Rs 20,000 as prize at the competition organised by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers from March 3 to 5 in Jaipur.

The annual international competition sees participation of engineering students who have to design, innovate and fabricate a human-powered vehicle. At least 41 teams, shortlisted from 61, participated in the event this year. The competition had different levels, including design, innovation, speed (for female and male) and endurance.

“It took us almost 45 days to design our human-powered bicycle for the competition. We are happy that our hard work didn’t go in vain,” said a beaming Dharmesh Kumar Dewangan, a third-year mechanical engineering student of the IIT-Patna.

Dharmesh was in the 15-member team from IIT-Patna, which manufactured a light-weight, efficient, dexterous semi-recumbent vehicle which can safely and effectively be used for everyday transportation. The vehicle, which cost Rs 10,000, was sponsored by the Research and Development Unit of the IIT-Patna.

The team’s captain was Abhishek Singh and mentor Atul Thakur.

“The bicycle has a Smart Automatic Gear Changing (SAGC) system controlled by a smartphone attached to the vehicle,” said Zeeshan Alam, another team member.

A new mobile app, ‘Alacrity SAGC’, has been developed for the purpose. “The vehicle also has features like Rollover Protection System, Aerodynamic Fairing and 7×3 Gear System,” added Zeeshan.

During the drag race, the vehicle was driven by team member S Vijay Anand, who achieved the top speed of 45 kmph with an average speed of 35kmph. “It was not easy to accelerate it to such a high speed, but it was necessary to win the competition,” recalled Anand.
The team’s only female member, Pranjali Sharma, said the team went through many ups and downs as it prepared for the competition. Gaurav Srivastava, who was also in the team, added ours would be a merrier Holi this year.


The other members of the team were Karan Gupta, Ashish Kumar, Chandan Gupta, Avinash Kumar, Amrit Raj, Chaitanya Kumar, Sarthak Rastogi, Shiv Jee and Shashank Kumar.

Source: TOI
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