Jhaki: the face of Bihar on Republic Day

The Jhakis are presented in front of the nation to showcase the power of state and this is critically important for the population so that they can understand how and where the nation and state are progressing.
Jhaki of 2016: Dedicated to the farmers of Bihar
Bihar Jhanki
Where we all are living in peace with our Family
 Bihar jhanki 1
The Happy State, the growing state
1. Health Department
2. Communication for the people, to the people
3. The agri-dependent state showing milk production

4. Tourism in the state where Buddism and Jainism have their origins


5. Multi-cultural livings and diversity of Bihar


6. The very important, education department
Trying to connect you from almost all the hottest news of Bihar and the reason behind this is to ensure the proper awareness of all of the citizen.
So say AaoBihar



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