Kupwara attack: How a braveheart from Bihar stopped terrorists, killed 2

Gunner Rishi Kumar was one of the sentries on duty when the three heavily-armed terrorists, with the element of surprise entirely on their side, attacked the Army camp at Panzgam after cutting through the barbed wire fences at about 4.40am on Thursday.

In the firefight and the ensuing confusion in the camp, with the terrorists firing indiscriminately from their AK-47s and lobbying grenades while running from one place to another, Kumar showed exemplary presence of mind to gun down two of the three terrorists, says the Army.

Kumar, who is in his mid-20s and hails from Ara in Bihar, held his position in a bunker on observing the terrorists running towards him. “He waited for them to come within close range. He then opened fire. The terrorists retaliated…he was hit on his head but was saved by his bullet-proof patka (headgear),” said an officer.

Kumar, who joined the 155 Field Artillery Regiment eight years ago, fell down due to the whiplash of the impact. But he was not ready to give up. He got up again, adjusted his patka and emptied his entire AK-47 magazine to kill two of the terrorists.

The terrorists, after all, could have wreaked havoc during the suicide attack on the camp, which houses over 1,200 soldiers from different infantry and artillery units, if they had earlier not been “contained” by the sentries and later intercepted by Kumar.

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