Hope most of you would agree that college life is the most happening stage in a student’s life because along with the academic degrees this stage directs,influences and sometimes put the wheels of our life on the right track that leads to your ultimate goal.So introducing you all to the life in one of the best and reputed college of Patna i.e. PATNA WOMEN’S COLLEGE.

For the girls of Patna,Patna Womens’ College is like a brandname that they aspire to be tagged with their names.Being a product of PWC it would be pleasure to share with you what life is like in PWC. PWC is like a church that imbibes the true sense of life in the students,make them realise their worth and lovingly nourishes them with knowledge.Apart from acquiring the traditional and vocational graduate degrees one can experience with every colours of life studying here.With the tagline of “GO AHEAD AND CONQUER KNOWLEDGE“,the college offers the girls the freedom to dream and achieve their passionate aspirations.


Established in  1940 and credited as college with potential for excellence  the magnificent white building is like a second home to the students where highly qualified teachers and professors welcome girls with whole hearted support and are always there to guide them through every path of their life.

Talking about the very spirit of the college who is none other than the Principal Dr. Sister Doris D’souza with her 3 D’s- Discipline,Determination andDevotion has dedicated her life in maintaining the college so well.

Well,apart from studies there are two things that will grab your attention.The one is cleanliness and the other the cultural activities.I must say not a single week in the college passes without an extra-curricular activities.You can always see students busy with the preparations of the series of cultural activities that are always lined up in the schedule one after the other.Infact, I think this is the reason that the PWCians are so confident and smart as they get enough opportunity of exposure and freedom of expression through the college ‘stage hall’.

In the college you will come across the cabinet members who are actually the discipline and executive in charge of the various college activities.They are always on a ’round’ in the college to ensure that the college discipline and rules are well followed and have contributed a lot in making the campus CELL PHONE FREE ZONE.It may seem ridiculous but nowadays it’s really a tough job to keep youngsters away from their smartphones!!

There’s one more aspect of PWC and in a way it is the quintessence of the college.Studying and interacting with the Sisters(nuns) in the college develops the selfless instincts and the nature of a philanthropist in the students.The NSS workers,NCC participants and the helpful nature of the students as a whole are examples of this.They learn to live for others ,do charity and services to the mankind as the Sisters do.


Coming back to the student’s life in the college one can see walking through the premises of the PWC enough joy and gleaming faces of young girls sitting on the benches gossiping,studying in groups,writing notes and enjoying. Sister Matilda’s garden adds freshness and colours to the college and the mixed essence of a variety of flowers is the reason of the natural charm in the environment.

College CANTEEN offering a number of relishable cuisine makes it a perfect spot for refreshment.If you are a fast food lover then you have enough options there.Lunch hour is the time of utmost crowd there.
But apart from the college canteen there is one place where the PWCians just can’t stop themselves from going there and i.e. PANIPURI STALL outside the campus.Whether it be the lecture hour,lunch time or the end of the day this is the stall that one would find always crowded.

Life in PWC is like being 3 years in a paradise with scholars sharing knowledge, moral values and celebrating every day of life with care and love for others.College HOSTEL is another home for the hostlers as they enjoy sharing ,adjusting and living with the spirit of togetherness.There is much more in the PATNA WOMEN’S COLLEGE life that it seems quite impossible to give the description in the limited words expression.One can have an overview of the college by visiting the college fair and the workshops that are organised every year.

Different colours of college can be seen in the FRESHER’S DAY, COLLEGE DAY FUNCTION,FAREWELL with the girls cheerfully enjoying the rhythms of DJ. CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION is one if the grand celebrations of the college. The HOLI MILAN SAMAROH is the most colourful one with everyone gaily putting colours on each other and a lot more.

In a way the classroom life is only one of the important  part of the college but the Life in Patna Women’s College is a lot more than just studying in an educational institution.Students come out with the true spirit of life providing meaning to their life and the high career goal to achieve.Learning to withstand and walk without stopping in every field of life by holding hands of their teachers the classes,corridors and the campus of PWC  have blessed a lot of lives of girls.

A girl from the capital of Bihar, trying to understand the past underdevelopment of Bihar and exploring the ways to improve the status of the State