Mahendra Singh Dhoni Gets a Mouthful from Yuvraj Singh’s Father, Again

India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has his fair share of critics. Yograj Singh though may well be the biggest of them all. In an interview to a national Hindi news channel, cricketer Yuvraj Singh’s father ripped Dhoni apart for what he felt is the Indian captain’s arrogant attitude towards all despite having extremely humble roots.

An already vocal critic of Dhoni, Yograj, a former India pacer, has often indirectly blamed him for keeping Yuvraj out of the national cricket team. In his most recent interview though, Yograj – a former cricketer himself – tore Dhoni to shreds with scathing criticism.

“Did you (Dhoni) remember Yuvraj in Australia ( in the World Cup semis)? In 2011 World Cup final, Yuvraj went out to bat but Dhoni called him back and goes out to bat to win the match. What happened this time (World Cup 2015)? Why did he go in at No. 6 and why not earlier to win the match for India?” asked a visibly fuming Yograj, who added that he knows several Indian cricketers who talk lowly of Dhoni.

“Indian cricketers tell me such things about Dhoni that I feel ashamed to even hear. I never believed them at first, thought it was jealousy but now I know.”

Yograj also said that Dhoni’s image has been created by the media and that the cricketer has never really deserved his accolades.

“Dhoni was nothing. He has become a God in cricket just because of media. Media has crowned him as a great which he never deserved” said Yograj.

“There was a time when he had nothing but today he sits in front of media and jokes at journalists. He laughs at media who has given him so much hype. He laughs at the Indian people who clap when he scores a run.”

Yograj had previously lashed out when Yuvraj was dropped for the World Cup, earlier this year. He had then warned that he will reveal why his son has been victimized.

Yuvraj though distanced himself from Yograj’s comments and clarified that he had no qualms with anybody and that he had enjoyed his time under Dhoni’s captaincy.

“Iv got nothing to do with statements coming out in the media ! As iv said before enjoyed playing under dhoni no issues at all,” Yuvraj had tweeted.

He also tweeted that he looks forward to meeting the Chennai Super Kings captain and congratulate him on the birth of his daughter.




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