Man Behind Modi’s Win and Now Nitish’s Win

The spectacular victory of Mahagathbandhan led by Shri Nitish Kumar has proved one thing beyond doubt that Prashant Kishor is the best election manager of the contemporary India.

Prashant was instrumental in branding the image of Narendra Modi during the 2014 Lok Sabha election. He was behind many successful campaigns, including famed ‘Chai Pe Charcha’.

Initial Career

Prashant Kishor was working as a health professional with the United Nations. He had deep interest in psephology and was itching to come back to India. He had few friends in the BJP circles. He talked with them and returned to work with the BJP.


In India, Prashant founded IPAC – Indian People’s Action Committee. It is basically an election management consultancy firm. IPAC was chosen as a consultant by none other than Narendra Modi. Prasant and his team worked tirelessly for the campaign and as mentioned above started Chai Pe Charcha program. He was also behind many successful campaigns and guided the ad agency about Achche Din advertisements.


Prashant Kishor is a master of brand management in the politics. He turned the image of Narendra Modi into a development icon. He has deep understanding of the new age communication methodology, including social media websites like Twitter and Facebook.

Prashant with Nitish

For strange reasons, Narendra Modi decided to ditch IPAC. It is said that Amit Shah convinced him to not take the service of IPAC in future state elections. Amit Shah feared the revolt by local leaders because of IPAC.


That was nothing short of a boon for Nitish Kumar led JDU. They instantly contact Prasant Kishor and asked the team to manage their election campaigns. Prashant and his team came to Bihar in March, 2015 and they started to make strategies. The poster war started by JDU and Har Ghar Dastak campaign were brain child of Prasant Kishor. He also managed Nitish Kumar Twitter and Facebook account.

Further, Prashant Kishor team was instrumental in finding relevant facts to counter all elections speeches of Narendra Modi. He never allowed BJP to go ahead in the war of perception.

The result is before everyone to see. Prashant Kishor has once again proved his acumen. Amit Shah must be itching his bald head for that decision where he convinced Modi to ditch Kishor in favor of local satraps like Kailash Vijayvargiya.

Source: Indicivil

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