Manoj Tiwari finds fault with BJP’s Bihar strategy

In a continuation of internal wrangling within the party over Bihar defeat, BJP Lok Sabha MP Manor Tiwari has faulted party’s decision abdicating BJP’s contribution to Bihar’s development during the eight years it shared the power with JDU as one of the reasons that handed an upper hand for Nitish Kumar in the elections.

“I feel on ground we failed to take credit for the good work we had contributed to in Bihar as part of the BJP-JD(U) combine. People started to think that the good work was only Nitish Kumar’s. We ended up disassociating ourselves and he then got all the credit,” Tiwari told ET in an interview.

“Dadri issue was taken up in Bihar considerably, it became an electoral issue on ground and people asked questions on this. And the whole intolerance issue also worked against us. There is one whole layer that just wants to live in peace and this set of people were suddenly asking what was happening, they could have voted for us but then these issues raised a doubt in their minds. I will say that both issues had 1.5 per cent and 1 per cent impact on ground”, Tiwari said. This remark runs contrar ..

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