Mini Shimla of Bihar: Simultala

Simultala, also known as Mini Shimla of Bihar, is a hamlet in Jamui, Bihar, India. It is famous as a health resort with an inviting temperate. With its virgin valleys, hillocks, brooks and rivulets the place makes the not just makes the tourist stay here for many days but to return again the next year. It is an ideal spot for Night Sky Observation and Nature Study. October to March are the best time for visiting Simultala.


This is a place where one can go for lazy walks mile after mile through forest and hillocks and come back refreshed. Drinking the water of the wells make one hungry even a few hours after a sumptuous meal. You can just sit back with either your favorite book, or with family and friends and the watch time softly fly by. The sound of silence, the far bigger sky dotted with innumerable twinkling stars and the pristine settings makes one go back to its nostalgic past.


Food is one of the best things you get in Simultala. It is very famous for its Chhena-Murki. Other than this, Gulab Jaamun, Bundiya, Nimaki, Ganthiya are some of good snack and sweets to enjoy

Simultala has a golden glorious story of its past and its testimony can be found in form of hundreds of villas that still stands on its soil. Simultala was a divine and famous health resort in the British era.


Other than this, its has a special significance in the Bengali community. The Bengali diaspora consider the soil, water and air of Simutala as sacred, believing it of having miraculous healing power- to heal all from ill health. They believe that the ‘Water of Simultala, is equal to Milk of Kolkata’ and for this they visit here frequently.


Most of famous stalwart of past like Rabindra Nath Tagore, the then General Viceroy of British India, Queen of Dhaka and many more had their villas here which still stand firm on this land.

Source: Bihar Foundation

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