MNREGA: Employment Guarantee to the symbol of the failure of Congress

PM Modi has declared MNREGA as a symbol of the failure of Congress and this is the reason why he wants to keep this failure alive.

Is it really failed

– As the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) enters its 10th year on Monday, data shows households have been provided employment for just a little over one third of the mandated 100 days so far this financial year on an average. By March end, this could improve a bit, but still end up among the lowest averages since the inception of the Act.

– According to data available with the Rural Development Ministry, till January 31 this year, the average days of employment provided per households has been merely 34.84, significantly lower than the promised 100 days. Last financial year, the average number of days a household worked was 46.

– Ministry of Rural Development show over 70 per cent wages have not been paid on time under the scheme so far this financial year.

– The data shows some of the worst performing states are West Bengal and Punjab where merely 8 per cent of the wages were paid within 15 days, followed by Karnataka, Kerala and Madhya Pradesh where 14 per cent, 16 per cent and 18 per cent of the wages were paid on time.

– Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA), latest government data on the performance of social audits has revealed that funds worth nearly Rs 1,000 were identified as having been “misappropriated” under the scheme — a majority of it in Andhra Pradesh — from 2011-12 to November this year. Of this, the government managed to recover a little over 3 per cent.

It’s Failed, Shut it down

Horrible numbers are requesting PM to shut the program not to make it alive, otherwise this symbol will cost 35000 cr/year.


Ritesh Singh
बिहार में जन्म हुआ और फिर भगवान ने बिहारी बनाया। तब से आज तक कुछ कुछ प्रयत्न कर रहे है कामयाब होने की।
गलती से IIT से B.Tech पास करने के बाद, AaoBihar पर लेख लिखना और पढ़ना शौक बन गया है।



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